Residential Window Film Sales, Installation & Tinting Services

Confianza means Confidence… For your condominium suite!

Our company has serviced many customers who have beautiful condos with magnificent views. Technology has advanced so much that no longer do films need to be dark or shiny to be efficient. Solar products have many innovative films that are very light and very efficient at the same time so you, our customer, can solve the heat gain problem you have and not lose one of the most important reasons for your investment: Your view!

Confianza means Confidence… For your home!

Our company believes that your home, large or small, is your castle. Our job and goal is customer satisfaction: knowing that your home will be more efficient and have much more protection from damaging ultraviolet rays and with security film, have much more protection against vandalism and other security threats. Solar products have a large variety of high performance solar and security films made especially for you.