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Confianza means Confidence… For government facilities

Problem: Energy Efficiency & Bomb Mitigation.
Solution: Confianza Window Tinting, National and International Specialists.

We already have a wonderful testimonial where a swing stage was left on the 25th floor of the exterior of the building and was projected against the window shattering the glass, but with no penetration leaving the interior undamaged. Not only that, but the next day professional glaziers had to use a sledgehammer to replace the window letting the property manager know with these words, “Miss Bonnie, you will never have to board up this building again!” That’s why many government agencies, embassies and other facilities, which are vulnerable to terrorists already, have security film installed.

When Lumenesse Safety and Security Film is applied to windows, it resists penetration and helps keep glass in place through attempted break-ins, even earthquakes. It’s another innovative Lumenesse product that helps make your home more safe and comfortable. And one more result of our unique culture, which lets us make the leap from need to innovation.

City Hall:
The Coral Gables City Hall is one of the city’s finest civic buildings and a focal point the city. The richly ornamented building is constructed largely of coral rock. Once the window film was installed this historic building became even stronger against vandalism and natural disasters. Confianza Window Tinting, Inc is an International Window Film Sales and Services company offering Sun & UV Protection, Vandalism Protection and Security Protection for Government buildings.

Over 20 different Window Film Installations for UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Recruiting OFFICES