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3M Prestige Window film - tinting Miami, International Service, Miami, FL

Confianza Window Tinting offer 3M Prestige Window Film for Residential, Commercial and Condos in the Miami FL area Confianza Window Tinting

Confianza Window Tinting has provided homeowners and commercial property owners protection of their investments for over 20 years. Our residential window tinting projects puts us into contact with architects, building engineers and building management companies.

Our job and goal is customer satisfaction: knowing that your home or office will be more efficient and have much more protection from damaging ultraviolet rays. Plus protection against vandalism and or natural disasters. We are the the only Miami Dade approved Hurricane Window Film dealer in South Florida.

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Sun & UV Protection

Our window tinting products are designed to reduce the harmful effects of the sun, providing solutions for problems such as faded furnishings, room comfort, and energy savings. All these benefits are combined into one product, with a warranty backed by one of the world's most respected companies. Because our window film products provide energy savings and helps protect furnishings, your investment helps pay for itself.

Safety & Security - Vandalism, Safety & Security Protection

Lumenesse Safety and Security Window Film helps hold your glass in place during bomb blasts, explosions, or smash and grab burglaries.

Did You Know... Window Film extends the lifetime of your furnishings by reducing sun rays that can cause premature fading.

Confianza Window Tinting offer 3M Prestige Window Film for Residential, Commercial and Condos in the Miami FL area Our promise to you...

Confianza means confidence. You can be confident in our promise to provide you with a wealth of window film knowledge specific to your wants and needs followed up by an impeccable installation. Get it right the first time, choose Confianza Window Tinting, Miami's authorized Lumenesse window film dealer.

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3M Prestige window film - Tinting Miami, International Service, Miami, FL
Confianza Window Tinting, Inc is an International Window Film Sales and Services company offering Sun UV Protection & Heat Energy Savings, Security Safety Films & Vandalism Protection Window Tinting installation for Residential, Commercial and Government buildings in the Miami Florida area.

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