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3M Prestige Window film - tinting Miami, International Service, Miami, FL

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Confianza Window Tinting, Inc offers International Window Film Sales and Services

CAPITAL BANK: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the work you have done for us during the last 6 years. On more than one occasion, your safety film has prevented valuable property from being stolen from our facilities. " - David DiBella Assistant Vice President, Property Management.

"The film held the broken window in place so that glass was not shattered all over the floor. We were able to conduct business on that Friday without interruption or a big mess to cleanup." - Aurora B. Bacallao, Branch Manager, Hialeah Branch.

Confianza Window Tinting, Inc offers International Window Film Sales and ServicesEQUEFLOR CORPORATION: "Recently we had our front lobby window shattered on two separate occasions because of rocks being thrown. I wanted to thank you. The entire window shattered, however the glass stayed in place because of your window tinting material." - Janice L. Giacobazzi, Office Manager.

Confianza Window Tinting, Inc offers International Window Film Sales and ServicesBRISTOL TOWER: "The management office has the duty of protecting the common area , without changing the aesthetics of the building. After reviewing several companies and gathering various opinions, the Board of Directors chose Confianza Window Tinting, Inc. To install their safety film in all the common areas of the building. In our opinion, Confianza Window Tinting, Inc. surpassed its competitors in professionalism and knowledge of the industry." - B. Vargas Vila, Manager.

"After being burglarized last year and having our computer and office machines stolen, despite having an alarm system in place, we wondered what other type of protection we could install to prevent this from happening again... On April 7th of this year the installation of the "safety film" paid off. Burglars once again came out to our facility and tried to break the glass on one of the windows in our office area. The window, thanks, to the "safety film", stayed in place not allowing them to break in, saving our company thousands of dollars." - Carmen Capote, Administrative Manager.

"Confianza Window Tinting, Inc. has been doing work for the Seville Beach Hotel since 1990. They provide reliability and good quality work." - Carlos Cassincraa, Resident Manager.

Confianza Window Tinting, Inc offers International Window Film Sales and Services

WTVJ-Channel 6: "Let it be known that Confianza Window Tinting just completed a window tinting job for WTVJ-Channel 6 and we were pleased with the outcome of their work. The work was done professionally and promptly." - Jorge Cainba, Facilities Supervisor.

"It has been a pleasure doing business with your company and working with your staff. They are a group of professionals." - Henrique Rodriguez, Project Management.

"We were very worried not to change the aesthetics of the hotel and Mr. Fernandez was able to accommodate with a product that rejects 56% of the heat and what's best, we can hardly tell it's there." - Bobby Hendricks, Managing Director, Property Operation.

"We are very happy with the services rendered by Confianza Window Tinting, Inc. Not only has our building become up to par with any modern building aethestically, but we are also saving twenty five hundred dollars a month in electricity." - Anthony Carfagno, Asset Manager.

"...we here at McDonald's highly recommend Confianza Window Tinting, Inc. And Rafael Fernandez as a company with integrity, reliability and professionalism." - Jose A. Montes, President.

FILM TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL, INC.: "Although it is generally not our policy to offer these recommendations, there are a handful of installers that we do recommend with confidence. It gives us great pleasure to advise you that Rafael Fernandez, President of Confianza Window Tinting located in Miami, Florida, is one of those dealer/installers that has this company's complete endorsement."

"Your introduction to the safety film product and your expertise has made us believe that the film when properly installed will help minimize our losses. - Saul Fraynd, COO.

"Being a retail establishment we wanted to achieve temperature control while maintaining high visibility and an attractive appearance. The film you recommended met and surpassed all our expectations. We have achieved a cooler environment and reduced sun damage protection without sacrificing visibility into the Mall." - Delissa Jimenez, Assistant Manager.

"The seminar which you presented on August 22nd was very well received, and in fact, the BEST one that we have had to date." - Jennie A. Kyryluk, Administrative Assistant.

MIAMI LIGHTHOUSE FOR THE BLIND: "Earlier this year in August you followed through with a most generous offer to provide window tinting for one of our passenger vans. On behalf of all the blind persons who will benefit from your contribution I thank you. It is people like you who help to make this world a better place to live." - Vernon Metcalf.

Confianza Window Tinting, Inc offers International Window Film Sales and ServicesFLORIDA POWER & LIGHT: "I want to thank you in particular for the motivational speeches that you delivered for the different sales groups here at FPL. Not only were the presentations educational, but they were invigorating. I believe that your presentations left quite an impression on the representatives allowing them to improve their sales performance. You were able to reach employees at all different levels stirring up interest and delight. I believe you truly have the gift of communicating with others."
- Rosa H. Prieto, Manager.

FPL Case Studies
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Courthouse Center - FPL Case Study - Summary.pdf
EDS - FPL Case Study Summary.pdf
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI - FPL Case Study - Summary.pdf
FPL Window Film Treatment Benefits.pdf

Confianza Window Tinting, Inc is an International Window Film Sales and Services company offering Sun & UV Protection, Vandalism Protection and Safety and Security Protection for Residential, Commercial and Government buildings.


3M Prestige window film - Tinting Miami, International Service, Miami, FL
Confianza Window Tinting, Inc is an International Window Film Sales and Services company offering Sun UV Protection & Heat Energy Savings, Security Safety Films & Vandalism Protection Window Tinting installation for Residential, Commercial and Government buildings in the Miami Florida area.